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The former MiNES group evolved in the eLiONS group! Keep an eye on us to stay updated.

eLiONS in a nutshell

The eLiONS Laboratory (electronic Life-Oriented iNtelligent Systems) belongs to the Department of Electronics and Telecommunications (DET). It deals with the design and implementation of intelligent systems for several life-oriented applications, specifically for BioMedics and AgriFood. The research team is also strongly involved in technology transfer and education. The laboratory joins both technological and fundamental competencies for the design of devices at the micro and macro levels, circuits and systems. The eLiONS team covers the hardware design of electronic interfaces, the implementation of embedded systems, up to the development of software for signal conditioning and user interfaces. eLiONS researchers have also experience in the application, to the areas of interest, of machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms.

Our skills

Smart System Integration
Circuits and Systems Design
Microsystems Design
Bio-Inspired Systems
Bio Sensors
Machine Learning